Landscapes using different media

Based on the popular theme of the seaside, but easy to adapt to other themes, this topic allows children to play with different ways of creating art. Using Van Gogh’s artwork as inspiration, children learn to add texture to their work and consider creating different tints and shades, using watercolours and shading.

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Lesson 1: Landscapes (seaside example theme)

In the first lesson of this unit the children learn to identify the key features of a landscape composition, and consider where to place the horizon and tide lines within their own artwork


Lesson 2: Beach textures

Pupils use a range of materials, from cardboard to foil, to replicate the textures found at the seaside. Easy to adapt to other landscapes.


Lesson 3: Shades and colours of the sea

Using watercolours, pupils create different tints, shades and hues to paint the background of their seaside scene. Easy to adapt to other landscapes.


Lesson 4: Painting over texture

Over the top of their textured background, children add colour using poster paints to complete their pictures


Lesson 5: Beach collage

Using their watercolour background from Lesson 3, pupils add objects and images with added detail and shading