Resource Bank: Planning materials for Computing

A few useful documents to support in planning the teaching of primary school Computing lessons:

  • A 36-week long term plan for Computing for schools that deliver the subject each week as well as a 20-week condensed plan for those who have less curriculum time available.
  • An overview of how Kapow Primary's scheme covers the Computing National curriculum for KS1 and KS2 and aspects of the EYFS goals 40-60 months.
  • A mapping document showing how Kapow Primary's Computing and RSE & PSHE schemes address the Education for a Connected World framework.
  • An overview of the Kapow Primary EYFS Computing scheme of work, with teacher guides, progression and assessment and more.
  • A progression of skills plan for Kapow Primary's Computing scheme of work.
  • A list of key digital literacy skills used across Kapow Primary Computing years 1 to 6.