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What is Kapow?

Kapow Primary offers innovative primary teaching resources that empower teachers to create real impact across the curriculum.

Our goal is to help your teachers deliver lessons that create lightbulb moments for pupils daily.

How can Kapow Primary help your school?

Empower your teachers to deliver lessons like a subject expert with access to hundreds of bite-sized videos and resources for six skills-based subjects.

Our expert-created lesson packs:

  • Improve the standard of teaching across your school
  • Support continuous, budget-friendly CPD training
  • Reduce the amount of time spent lesson planning

What’s in a lesson pack?

In our Kapow Primary lesson packs your teachers will be inspired by:

  • Expert lesson plans, packed with activities for children and tips for assessment
  • Bite-sized videos that demo teaching skills, explain learning points and build subject knowledge
  • Time-saving, classroom-ready resources including: templates, presentations, images and activity sheets
“Kapow is an outstanding resource that every school and teacher can benefit from. As an Executive Head for six primary schools, the idea I would be able to provide 60 teachers with continuous training across six subjects, well within our normal CPD budget, is not something I would have believed. That is exactly what Kapow makes possible.”
Chris Jukes,
Primary Executive Leader at The Cam Academy Trust

Kapow primary pricing

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3 Subjects + Wellbeing

4 Subjects + Wellbeing

5 Subjects + Wellbeing

Small school
(0-150 pupils)


Medium school
(150-300 pupils)


Large school
(300+ pupils)


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