Access nine specialist-created topics to support home learning during the Covid-19 outbreak.


These topics are easy to adapt to a wide range of circumstances.  Group activities can be replaced by family or individual activities.

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Based on the popular theme of the seaside, this topic gives children the opportunity to play with different ways of creating art. Using Van Gogh’s artwork as inspiration, they learn to add texture to their work and consider how to create the different tints and shades that they see, including using watercolours and shading.

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Children learn how to draw from observation, create a print and draw from different perspectives. They learn about the role of an architect and are challenged to consider why houses look the way they do and if there is scope to change and improve them.

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Using the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as inspiration, children help poor Baby Bear by making him a brand new chair. When designing the chair, they consider his needs and what he likes and explore ways of building it so that it is a strong and stable structure and doesn’t break again!

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Learning about the features of a castle, children design and make one of their own. They will also be using configurations of handmade nets and recycled materials to make towers and turrets and constructing a base to secure them to.

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Children use their creativity and imagination to plan a miniature adventure story and capture it using their developing photography skills. They learn to enhance their photos using a range of editing tools as well as searching for and adding other images to their project, resulting in a high-quality photo collage showcase.

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In this topic children develop their research, word processing, and collaborative working skills whilst learning how web pages and web sites are created, exploring how to change layouts, embed images and videos and link between pages.

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Using this animal themed topic, children use their bodies and instruments to listen and respond to pieces of classical music that represent animals. They learn and perform a song as a class and compose a short section of music as a group, with a focus on dynamics and tempo.

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In this topic, pupils learn to tell stories through music. They begin this by first listening to music and considering the narrative it could represent by paying close attention to the dynamics, pitch and tempo and how they change throughout the piece. They then go on to create their own original compositions to match an animation, building up layers of texture.

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‘Yum Yum’ This topic brings together several areas that pupils will have touched upon before as they use their knowledge of numbers in relation to money when paying for items in a café and their language detective skills to interpret French menus.