All the events listed below are free and all Kapow Primary customers will receive a copy of the presenter’s slides and a recording of the session following the event.

Art and design

Subscribing schools can access recordings of previous webinars on this link: Art webinars.


Subscribing schools can access recordings of previous Computing webinars on this link: Computing webinars.


20th October, 4pm: An overview of Kapow Primary’s RSE & PSHE scheme of work with Sarah Huggins

If you’re new to subject leadership in RSE & PSHE, or even if you’re not, then Kapow Primary can help you deliver full coverage of the RSE & PSHE curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Find out about the statutory and non-statutory elements of RSE, and the areas  of the curriculum that parents can and cannot request to withdraw their children from, as well as gain insight into what Kapow Primary can offer your school in terms of curriculum content and CPD.

Delivered by RSE specialist Sarah Huggins, this is a must-attend event for all RSE & PSHE subject leaders, whether you’re a Kapow Primary customer or not.

8th December, 4pm: How to evidence progress in RSE & PSHE for Ofsted with Sarah Huggins

Traditionally RSE & PSHE have been “non-book” subjects, which can make evidencing pupil progression difficult. Find out more about what Ofsted are looking for during inspections in terms of pupil progression in RSE & PSHE ,and how to assess effectively and provide evidence of learning in a non time-consuming and labour intensive way.

Subscribing schools can access recordings of previous PSHE and RSE webinars on this link: RSE webinars.


17th November, 4pm: How to lead a music staff meeting with Liz Stafford

Every term or academic year, most subject leaders are given the chance to lead a staff meeting in their subject in order to enhance the subject knowledge of other staff members. It’s also a chance to raise your own profile and that of your subject within your school, and also looks great on your CV. Get ideas and inspiration from music specialist Dr Elizabeth Stafford on how to deliver a staff meeting with confidence, enhance your own professional development and enhance the delivery of music at your school.

Subscribing schools can access recordings of previous Music webinars on this link: Music webinars.


Subscribing schools can access recordings of previous French webinars on this link: French webinars.