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  • Over 600 expert-created sets of teaching resources, easily adaptable to the topics you teach, or simply adopt our suggestions.
  • Easy-to-follow short video demos that simplify key skills and concepts
  • Editable lesson plans that you can pick and choose from to suit your pupils’ needs, or follow the sequence we suggest.
  • Differentiation ideas + clear assessment guidance
  • High-quality, time-saving classroom resources.
  • Detailed and editable curriculum maps.

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This personal membership is designed to make life easier for individual teachers.

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"The lessons are clear and ideal for non-specialist teachers – you can’t go wrong! They will make a difference to the delivery of specialist subjects. "
Heather Stirling-Wood, Teacher

Benefits of Kapow Primary for Teachers

Save Time

Save time with editable lesson plans, which you can easily tailor to match your chosen topics

Reduce prep time with hundreds of high quality classroom-ready resources

Plan with confidence using our detailed and editable curriculum maps


Improve Your Skills

Learn new skills in minutes with hundreds of bite-sized, on-demand CPD videos for every subject

Easy-to-follow visual demonstrations help to simplify key skills, techniques and concepts

Develop your subject knowledge from experts with more than 150 years of cumulative teaching experience

Teach With Confidence

Always have a lesson on hand with access to more than 600+ specialist subject teaching resources

Captivate pupils with hundreds of lesson packs created by specialist subject teachers

Inspire pupil progress with clear differentiation ideas and assessment guidance for every lesson

Paid annually as £47.99 at the start of your subscription


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