Lesson 6: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

There’s more than one way to relax! Pupils learn two different techniques for helping them to relax; progressive muscle relaxation and laughter, both useful tools to be used in different situations.

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing that there are different ways of relaxing

  • Focus on tensing and relaxing different parts of my body to relax

  • Recognising when relaxation might help me

  • Using laughter to help me relax if I am nervous or have lots on my mind

Teacher Video: Relaxation

This video applies to all our relaxation lessons

Created by:
Elaine Bousfield,  
Wellbeing specialist
Elaine worked for many years as a therapist with young people. She is the founder and chair of XenZone and its children and young people’s counselling service, kooth.com. Kooth delivers an onlineAnother term for ‘the internet’. counselling and therapy service. It is…
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