French football champions

Pupils develop many important strategies in this football themed topic, which they can use in their future learning of other languages and subjects. Children develop their speaking and listening skills; asking and responding to questions about football as well as working on their written French by adapting football player profiles.

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Lesson 1: Football vocabulary in French

Children explore fun ways of learning and recalling new football related vocabulary and developing their learning strategies to work out the meaning of new words


Lesson 2: Footballer profiles in French

Children will learn how to read and understand the majority of a sports profile, and using new vocabulary.


Lesson 3: French footballers - where do they come from?

Children explore words and phrases to say from which place or country a person comes from


Lesson 4: French football vocabulary tournament

In this action-packed lesson, children take part in a 'vocabulary tournament' and rehearse the vocabulary they’ve learned over the last few lessons.


Lesson 5: Creating a footballer profile in French

Children use their knowledge of football vocabulary to extract information about a researched footballer to create their own footballer profile in French