Lesson 5: Writing a letter about my house

Pupils write a letter to describe their house, family and their bedroom, putting into practise the vocabulary and grammar learnt in the topic

Learning Objectives

  • Writing a letter describing home and who lives there

  • Using at least three prepositions to describe the rooms in a house and objects in a bedroom

  • Writing questions

Lesson Plan

Writing a letter in French describing my home
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Teacher Video: Writing a letter about my house


La Maison de Sandrine
Sandrine's Letter Translation
Success Criteria and Peer Assessment
Ma Maison et ma Chambre PowerPoint
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Previously a generalist Primary teacher for 12 years, Simone now specialises in Languages. She is MFL Consultant and Languages Teacher at Robin Hood Primary. Her work with Mandarin Chinese led to the IoE Confucius Institute for Schools awarding her school with Confucius…
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