In my French house

Pupils learn how to describe a house, the different rooms and who lives there. They also learn about prepositions to explain where items are arranged in their bedrooms and consolidate the grammar and vocabulary they have learned by writing a letter to describe their family, home and bedroom.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: My French house

Pupils describe a house in French and listen to and understand descriptions of houses


Lesson 2: My French house and family

Pupils learn to write a description of a home and the family living there


Lesson 3: Describing my French room

Pupils are introduced to new vocabulary to describe items in their bedrooms as well as prepositions to describe where objects are


Lesson 4: Where is it in my French bedroom?

Using prepositions to describe where objects are, both verbally and in writing


Lesson 5: A letter about my French house

Pupils write a letter to describe their house, family and their bedroom, putting into practise the vocabulary and grammar learnt in the topic