Space Explorers

This topic transports children into Space, developing their scientific vocabulary as well as their grammar. Links can be made with English as they use figurative language and develop their sentence structure by adding adjectives, making comparisons and also our KS2 computing topic on space

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Lesson 1: Le Système Solaire

Children are challenged to work out the theme of the topic from the vocabulary that they encounter and create their own bilingual word mat of solar system vocabulary

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Lesson 2: Le soleil et la lune

Children create metaphors for the sun and moon in French and write their own calligrams

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Lesson 3: Les planètes

Children build on their planet descriptions by adding comparative words to say whether planets are smaller or hotter than others

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Lesson 4: Galaxy guide

Adding detail to their planetary facts, children use ‘because’ to add explain why planets maybe hotter or colder than others

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Lesson 5: Alien worlds

Children’s listening skills are put to the test when they have to decipher which alien planet is which, based on their descriptions

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