Meet my French family

Pupils learn how to describe family members and what they like and dislike, using the correct form of mon, ma and mes, and making sure of adjectival agreement, before preparing a short written presentation

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Lesson 1: My French brothers and sisters

Recognising and using phrases to say if I have a brother or sister


Lesson 2: A French family tree

Children learn to name different members of the family tree and use the correct form of 'mon', 'ma' and 'mes'


Lesson 3: Describing my French family

Building descriptive sentences into a short paragraph, choosing adjectives to build and change sentences


Lesson 4: What my French family likes

Understanding and expressing simple opinions, saying what I, and others in my family, like or don’t like


Lesson 5: My extraordinary French family

Creating a short presentation about my family, organising words correctly to build phrases and sentence