Structures: Constructing a windmill

Drawing inspiration from the ‘A Windmill in Old Amsterdam’ song, children design, decorate and build a windmill for their client (the mouse) to live in. Throughout the topic they also build an understanding of what a windmill is, what it looks like and the different types that can be found, to help identify key features.

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Lesson 1: Designing the structure

Children learn what a windmill is and consider the design criteria according to the needs of their client - the mouse who lives in the windmill


Lesson 2: Assembling the structure

Having decorated their templates, pupils now construct the main part of their structure, making sure that it stands freely and holds together


Lesson 3: Assembling the windmill

Children complete their turbines, through careful cutting and folding, and attach them to their structure, testing its strength and stability


Lesson 4: Testing and evaluating

After adding the finishing touches to their windmills, children test their structures to check that they would make a suitable home for the mouse