Lesson 8: The Internet of Things

Children develop their understanding of how the Internet of Things works and how it has led to Big Data

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying how data analysis can improve city life

  • Identifying the meaning of the term ‘Internet of Things’

  • Recalling how devices can be connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ – via WiFi or mobile data

  • Recognising how the IOT has led to Big Data

  • Linking data analytics to improvement in town planning

Lesson Plan

The internet of things and big data
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Presentation: The internet of things


The Smart Internet of Things School
Teacher explainer: internet of things and smart cities
Teacher Information: The Internet of Things 
Created by:
Richard Williams,  
Computing specialist
Richard is a Year 6 Teacher at St. Pancras Primary School. Richard’s passion for teaching was recognised when he received Suffolk’s ‘Raising The Bar’ award for Innovation 2016. With his class he made the world’s first guided VR:360 school tour…
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