The internet

In this topic, children learn what the Internet is and how it works. Acting out different processes, children gain a deeper understanding of how data is transferred and how this enables us to view and interact with different websites

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Lesson 1: Networks

In this lesson, children recap what a network is, learn about the different devices within it, and that the Internet is a network of networks


Lesson 2: What is the internet?

In this lesson, children learn that the Internet consists of lots of networks connected together, via wires under the ground and sea, and create a presentation demonstrating what they have learnt


Lesson 3: A website's journey

In this lesson, children learn that networks connect to the Internet via a router, and then they draw a map to show how we are able to share information and images from a website


Lesson 4: Routers

In this lesson, children learn how routers connect us to the Internet, explaining how a website reaches a computer


Lesson 5: Understanding packets

In this lesson, children learn that websites are split into small pieces, sent via the Internet which are encoded with information to get them to the right place