Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML

(Updated) Children learn that html is a markup language which defines how a website is displayed, they go on a HTML treasure hunt; investigating the code used to create different elements of the page

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding that web pages are built using different programming languages

  • Understanding and identifying examples of HTML tags

  • Knowing that each line of code has a start tag and an end tag

  • Making some changes to some HTML code

  • Predicting what the effect of the changes will be

Lesson Plan

Introduction to HTML
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Presentation: Introduction to HTML


Tag treasure hunt cards
HTML tag cards
Exploring source code
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Siobhan Morgan,  
Computing specialist
Head of Computing at Exeter Junior School, Siobhan Morgan has nine years of computing teaching experience as well as experience from her role of ‘Subject Genius for Computing’ on TES. Siobhán enjoys spending time with her family and searching for the Gruffalo…
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