Being able to send an email is a valuable skill and in this topic, children learn how to send emails with attachments and how to be a responsible digital citizens by thinking about the contents of what they send. The area of cyberbullying; both how to recognise it, and how to avoid being unkind online, is also introduced

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Lesson 1: Sending an Email

In this first lesson, children learn about what email can be used for before writing and sending their first email

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Lesson 2: Adding Attachments

Once children have sent an email, they learn how to make them more interesting by using editing features and adding attachments

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Lesson 3: Be kind online

The children learn to use positive language within an email and how to recognise when digital behaviour is unkind

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Lesson 4: Cyberbullying

Following on from sending kind emails, children look at what CyberBullying actually means and what they can do if they are ever the victim of cyberbullying

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Lesson 5: Fake emails

Not all emails are honest and trustworthy. In this lesson, we look at spam, junk and phishing emails and how to avoid being tricked by fake emails

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