Digital imagery

  • Children use their creativity and imagination to plan a miniature adventure story and capture it using their developing photography skills. They learn to enhance their photos using a range of editing tools as well as searching for and adding other images to their project, resulting in a high-quality photo collage showcase
  • ***New knowledge organiser***

About this unit

This unit is easy to adapt to many themes or topics involving storytelling or sequencing.  Alternatively, the children could use the skills and knowledge in this unit to photograph other things around their school or playground and edit the images they take.  Scroll down to download our new knowledge organiser for this unit.

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Lesson 1: Planning a photo story

In this lesson, children design their own stories which they then create using photos and sequencing skills within their stories, helping lay the foundations of computational thinking

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Lesson 2: Taking photos

Children go on a miniature adventure, taking photos of small figures to tell the story they planned in Lesson 1, implementing everything that they have learned to make a good, clear photograph

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Lesson 3: Editing photos

Editing their photographs, the children can let their creativity run wild; exploring different effects, filters and editing tools to transform the look of their images

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Lesson 4: Searching for images

Children can benefit from the vast range of images available using search engines and add these to their existing photos, creating something truly unique

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Lesson 5: Photo collage

Children add the finishing touches to their projects by using a creative layout and adding text and decorative effects to produce a high-quality photo collage

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