Top tips for remote teaching from a distance learning expert

Without warning we find ourselves in a situation where teachers and schools are being required to deliver learning to their pupils remotely. And this seems to take different forms depending on the school; some are holding video sessions for the children, either on whole classes or in smaller groups. Some are using platforms such as Google Classroom, others are emailing links to websites and printable activities.

Whatever form it takes, this is a new way of working. So who better placed to share some pearls of wisdom than Kerrie Russell, the Principal of the distance learning school The School of the Air in Alice Springs, Australia. The school caters for pupils who live hundreds of kilometres away from their nearest town and for them, remote learning is their business as normal.

It’s not just the teacher and pupils who are having to adapt to a new learning environment. It’s parents too, who are often also having to try and do their own jobs for home too. Kerrie also has some tips that you can share with parents.

Whilst at home and not delivering lessons all day, many teachers are working on their preparation for the next academic year. Kapow Primary’s teacher videos are a great way to help develop subject knowledge and confidence, and our Ultimate CPD Toolkit is really handy for anyone who has a role leading one of our subjects in their school.


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